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Starting with a crazy idea to learn more about motorcycles and encourage my son, we bought a 1980 Suzuki GS850 and started a YouTube channel about modifying it into a CafeRacer.  


Have fun, spend time together, and learn something new.

Since the initial purchase we have continued to set our sights on something more.  Adding an additional project into the mix made things more interesting.  The perfect bike choice for cafe - Honda GL500.  Classic look and sound - how can we improve on this.  Time will tell where we go from here.  See the progress of these to projects, click the link below.


Our Journey So Far

progress gs850.PNG


ACE Cafe Bikes starts a YouTube Channel

Kicking things off with the GS850 we were hooked.  Having some fun and learning something new was our little retreat for the winter months.

Fall of 2020

ACE Cafe Bikes starts a new Project

Landing a good deal on a decent running Honda GL500 seemed like a great next step.

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